New Spiral equipment for drying

The company has just finished the design and manufacture of a new equipment for drying the glaze on cookies, with a final production of 2,500 kilos per hour.

Several years of work and development together with Intralox L.L.C (USA company) designing spirals for the drying, cooling and freezing of all types of IQF (Individual Quick Freezing or Individual Quick Freezing) products, resulted in this new equipment. state-of-the-art technology, unique in the country and second in the world.

The equipment ED-3100 has two spiral belts, with DirectDrive technology patented by Intralox L.L.C., and a hot air system that dries the cookie glaze.

What is new and important about this equipment is the DirectDrive technology that allows two spirals, with plastic modular belts, to be driven from the same central drum, which allows obtaining a spiral equipment with less tension, less weight and longer useful life of the belt conveyor.

All developed in 3D, laser cut, folded and welded, completely in Aisi 304 stainless steel suitable for the food industry. It also has an automatic band cleaning system for when production is finished and the entire equipment is operated from a touch screen.

In this case the equipment works at high temperatures, with the same technology it can be used without problems for spiral freezers at temperatures of up to -40 degrees centigrade, as has been used for many years in the world, replacing the old system of metal bands that so many troubles and maintenance costs bring to its users. In addition, the equipment has a written guarantee, as well as installation, technical assistance and local maintenance.

After passing all the FAT tests, the equipment was installed and operates at our client’s plant, in the city of General Pacheco.

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