IQF: What is it and what are its benefits?

For some years now, the frozen food market has been consolidating worldwide. Although today its production is still in constant evolution, the bases for these developments date back to the time of the First Industrial Revolution.

Today, these foods are increasingly chosen by consumers who seek to reduce waste, stop consuming preservatives and eat certain products when they are out of season. A wide offer responds to innovation in production systems, with a strong expansion of this segment.  Innovations in quick freezing are a defining factor in the development of a variety of products such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, bakery products, among many others.

What is the IQF system?

The IQF or Individual Quick Freezing System is a freezing process that allows the ice crystals formed inside the tissues to be very small, preventing their cell walls from breaking. IQF is synonymous with a myriad of advantages in the use of this process for freezing food in the food industry.


This process preserves the quality of the product once frozen, both in terms of nutritional value and in terms of flavor and texture. It is this characteristic that makes this system more advantageous than those of slow freezing, in which the cell walls of the food tissues are broken up.

In addition to preserving product properties, IQF avoids the use of preservatives. The abrupt decrease in temperature is accompanied by the minimization of microorganisms present, avoiding contamination risks and ensuring maximum hygienic quality.

Another advantage of this system over others is that it allows consumers to defrost the desired portion.


This system can be adapted to numerous foods, among which are:

  • coated foods
  • small and fragile foods
  • raw materials for processed foods
  • liquid or semi-liquid foods

At Abreu, we are committed to constantly innovate and we know the needs of our customers, that is why we develop products that meet the demands of the “below zero” market. It is possible to adopt the IQF freezing production system with a Girofreezer (or spiral freezer) working at temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius with customized evaporators for lower energy consumption.

If you are looking to innovate your production methods, ask us about our products and get the advice you need.

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