Industrial and Cold Storage Doors: One of a kind

Cold room doors are a fundamental component in any food storage facility, to ensure that products are kept in the proper conditions and that they meet the hygiene and safety requirements necessary for their conservation. To achieve this, it is essential that they are insulating, resistant, durable, safe and easy to clean, maintain and use. 

The history of the peculiar doors for cold rooms from Abreu S.A. dates back to 1978. Initially intended for the fishing industry, these sliding doors were characterized by being able to work at temperatures between 0ºC and -30ºC, with the main differentiator being that they contained a self-made sliding hardware, which could efficiently support large doors dimensions. The closing system also had a mechanism that, when the handle was turned, the door would lower, exerting pressure against the frame, allowing (through the weather stripping) to obtain an airtight seal.

A few years after starting to manufacture these doors, two problems were identified that occurred with all refrigerator doors in general. One of them linked to the deterioration and blows suffered by the weather stripping during entry and exit to the chamber, typical of use, which caused the internal resistance it contained to be cut and had to be replaced immediately, leaving, over time, that was undergoing repair, the chamber open and with loss of cold. And the other problem, also linked to thermal insulation and the lack of precise hermeticism, was that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the chamber (which depending on the time of year can reach a thermal amplitude of approximately 55ºC) , caused the outside of the door to freeze.

This is how in 1981, continuing with the innovative spirit of the company, its founder Antonio Abreu managed to respond to this problem, proposing a solution with a unique technology of its kind. It developed a frame with thermal cut that prevents the door from sticking to the frame due to temperature differences, facilitating its opening and closing without major inconveniences and efforts.

A transformer was attached to this 150 mm wide stainless steel frame and threshold, forming an electrical circuit that runs throughout its entire length. This allows the circulation of current around the frame, generating a constant temperature of 20º, and in this way prevents the door weatherstrip from sticking to it. This solution ensures that accidental knocks do not interrupt the circuit, and it also significantly prolongs the operation, efficiency and durability of the doors. In this way, the door can be attached to a panel, built with exterior sheet metal + insulation + interior sheet metal, or it can be attached directly to a concrete masonry with interior insulation.

Since then, at Abreu we continue to manufacture refrigerated doors with this innovative solution, and we have expanded the door variants we manufacture, currently including doors: sliding, swing, rail passage, pocket and vertical.: sliding, swing, rail passage, pocket y vertical.

If you are interested in learning more about our doors and how they can help you optimize the refrigeration conditions in your plant, do not hesitate to contact us.

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