Technology applied to food processing

Exclusive DirectDrive technology spirals patented by Intralox, manufactured and tested with regard to high quality and safety requirements for the food industry.

Innovation in spirals

Our spiral machines are technologically advanced, versatile and reliable, maximizing production output in the different processes for which they are intended. At the same time, they optimize plant space.
Designed with the highest quality standards, our spirals are built with components that guarantee some benefits such as production improvements, low maintenance, ease of cleaning, and labor reduction.

Process areas

Cooling (air or water cooling)

Quietly operating and with constant speed, the cooling spirals, at room temperature, by water or by forced cooling, ensure a continuous flow of products, with a uniform production process and optimum quality.


A fast, compact, efficient and hygienic individual quick freezing system (IQF) in a spiral, which facilitates product release thanks to the impermeability of the belts, as they do not generate humidity or product adherence to the belts.


The spiral allows the food qualities to be preserved unaltered throughout the fermentation process, ensuring total control of temperature, humidity and air flow levels.

Elevating and de-elevating

Elevating and de-elevating spirals are ideal solutions for situations where a change in product height is required, and where there is limited surface area.


The wet product is in continuous movement thanks to the rotation of the spiral, and with a constant air flow for complete drying with controlled temperature and humidity.

Buffering and accumulation

This system is recommended for collecting products for temporary storage or to collect products that can be delivered at a different rate than it is received. Avoiding, in this way, the storage of trays and trolleys and achieving a fluid and constant production.

Why should you use Intralox DirectDrive belts?

The Intralox DirectDrive belt system guarantees smooth and continuous operation, thanks to its toothed system, which allows it to positively engage the drum. In this way, overdrive is eliminated, and the average tension is reduced from 450 lbs to only 45 lbs. These features, together with its low weight, eliminate product orientation problems related to overdrive. The modular thermoplastic conveyor belts ensure longer belt life since the system eliminates the tensioning, tracking, and cleanability issues that often arise with traditional flat or tensioned positive drive belts. Moreover, this reduction in tension and friction reduces belt damage and avoids the metallic residues that originate in traditional metallic spirals.



  • System without overdrive.
  • No product orientation problems and damage free.
  • Greater product loading capacity, maximizing performance.
  • Longer belt life due to low tension.
  • Easy operation, low maintenance and cleaning cost.

Safety and hygiene

  • Control board, with Touch Screen panel and low voltage operation (24 V).
  • Electrical panel with IP 54 protection.
  • Electric motors with IP 44 protection.
  • Automatic cleaning system with pump and sprinklers according to customer needs.

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